about us


We are a group of individuals charged with the notion of educating the consumer on the advanced technology found in the modern home. Being in the industry, too often we see technology systems poorly designed and implemented that never work, separate systems that are not integrated and therefore hard and arduous to use, and worst of all, grand modern homes with little or no technology employed to improve the look and liveability. With a little self-education, you can make sure this isn't you...


Our goal is to explain these technologies using common language so you can decide for yourself what technology services you are interested in, how to get the most out of them, and how to save money and time by choosing the best way to obtain a system. We do this by mixing some free summary information and newsletters with inexpensive eBooks that go into greater detail. The result will be that you will know what type of equipment you want to purchase, a short list of brands to consider, and who the best professionals are to help you.


The author of the eBooks has 21 years in the business and many happy customers. He still maintains a full-time position with an award winning integration company designing and project managing Home Automation Systems.