control system

Control System Family iPadWith more and more sophisticated technologies being introduced in your home, how hard will it be to use? The answer is it won't... The Control System is the window between you and the advanced technology hidden away from sight. It is far and away the most important part to any Home Automation System or Smart Home.

If you get nothing more from this site, the newsletters, and the eBooks, get this: Choosing and designing the right Control System for the technology you are implementing in your home is the most important part of the entire process. It will absolutely have the most effect on how easy your system is to operate, how much you love and use it, and there for how much value you get from the considerable investment you've made in technology.

A good Control System not only takes away a table full of remote controls, it can also reduce the amount of light switches in the wall, eliminate fan controllers in the wall, eliminate Security and Air Conditioning panels from the wall, and be simple and intuitive for anyone to use. This is the goal and outcome for only the best Home Automation contractors, many fall short of the mark.

Todays Control System often consists of one or more 'Master' touchscreens in the wall that can virtually operate the whole house, supplemented by remotes, iPhones, and iPads. A GUI (Graphical User Interface), like a menu system, will guide you through the operation of such things as watching TV, adjusting lights or AC, answering the Video Intercom and unlocking the gate, browsing your stored music and videos, and telling your home whether you have just arrived home, are leaving, going to bed, or going on holidays.


Control System eBook coming soon....