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A complete eBook on how to choose and implement a Multiroom Audio System in your home, available for immediate download.


What parts make up a Multiroom Audio System Zones or rooms, Source components, Control system, Amplifiers, Speakers, and cables.

The types of Multiroom Audio Systems: Traditional, Digital, Proprietry and others.

How to get a system: Do-it-Yourself, AV installer, AV specialist, or System Integrator.

What Budget you need: How much do you need to spend and what will your budget buy.

The Process: What is the process for designing and installing a system in your home or new build.

The Pitfalls: What the common pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

Future Trends: Where is the industry heading?

Resources: Many web links to product information, industry information, and news sites to keep you up to date


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This eBook provides a comprehensive explanation to the step-by-step process of choosing and implementing a Multiroom Audio System that will suit your home, budget, lifestyle, and be an asset that you use constantly.


In this eBook you will learn...


How to choose the best Multiroom Audio System
There are many styles of Multiroom Audio System on the market designed for very different environments. You will learn how to choose the one that suits your home, lifestyle, IT knowledge, volume requirements, and ease of use.
How to find the right company to help
Their are some parts of the process you can't do yourself. The company you might expect to get help from and supply the system might not be the right way to go. Find out what type of company is the best to use, how to protect your investment, and how to get the best deal.
What the Step by Step process is for acquiring a System
Starting from design and quotes, documentation of design, running all the neccessary cables, installing the speakers, choosing and ventilating the location for the central equipment, installation of equipment, programming and calibration, and final testing.
What's happening in the future of Multiroom Audio
Get a snapshot of the direction the industry is taking. This will be invaluable in helping decide what system is for you by understanding how the product mix may change over the coming years and therefore how future proof or expandable your system may be.
Multiroom Audio Explained eBook

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Some of the brands discussed in this eBook
Niles Audio
Switch Automation


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