lighting control

Lighting Control Bedroom LightsAdvanced Control over the lighting in your home not only introduces many practical time and energy saving improvements, it can also have a major effect on the aesthetics of your house by creating moods and ambience at the touch of a button.

A button beside your bed that turns out all the lights; lights that come on in a path to the kitchen and living area once you've parked your car; lights that turn off when you've left a room and forgotten to switch them off; preset buttons that switch between different mood lights in the lounge such as, reading, dining, and TV; all great features of a Lighting Control System.

The Lighting Control System also tends to be the backbone of the 'Automation' part of Home Automation. It often provides integration and control of pool pumps and water features, security alarm systems, access control systems, air conditioning systems, motorised blinds systems, amd Multiroom Audio systems.

Home Lighting control is unique from the perspective that approximately 95% of the Australian market is just two brands that until recently were not heavily marketed overseas. Therefore the landscape of the Australian market is completely different from the US or European markets. A very important fact to know and understand before making decisions on Lighting Control for your home.


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