security & access control

Other Technologies Intercom & Access ControlKeeping your family safe is an important function of the technology in your house. Controlling who comes in when your at home and keeping burglars out when your not is no doubt a very important part of your technology design.

This element of a Home Automation system can encompass a security system to protect the house when your not home; access control via electric strikes so that the automation system can lock and unlock gates, doors, and roller doors; Video Intercom to see and talk to visitors before you decide to let them in; and surveillance cameras to monitor and record video from around the boundaries of your home.

In a well designed Home Automation system this component can be programmed to be very clever. A guest arrives and calls you from the front gate, you can see and chat with them then by the press of a button unlock the gate for 30 seconds to let them in. You may also have the system designed so that the door bell calls your mobile phone and you can talk to the person remotely. Good if you don't want them to know the house is empty. Your landscaper arrives and enters his code in the keypad at the gate which gives him access to the yard but not the house. The cleaners code however gives access to the house as well. If someone tries to break into your home at night the alarm goes off, all the lights are turned on, and the police are called. Just a few of the many scenarios of how the Security and Access Control element of a Home Automation system can be designed and programmed.


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