structured cabling

Other Technologies Structured Cabling Network HubStructured Cabling is essentially the cable 'backbone' required for so many other technologies mentioned on this site. At the core, it is the phone, data, and TV Antenna cables that are run through your house during construction. It also includes the hardware that connects and enclosure that houses the junction of where all these cables run back to.

So at a minimum, a Structured Cabling system allows for a few phone points, a few data or computer outlets, and a couple of TV antenna points. However realistically, in light of a full Home Automation System, the Structured Cabling System can become a mammoth amount of cable and often evolves to part of a complex Data Network, the AV Distribution System, and perhaps a central equipment rack that houses nearly all of the home's central technology.

Structured Cabling as a term usually refers to a product supplied by a builder, electrician, or small AV contractor in any home of any size. It's a virtual imperative these days that a house have at least a modest Structured Cabling system as retrofitting these cables is often expensive, always hard, and sometimes impossible.


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