systems integration

Systems Integration Motorised BlindsSystems Integration is a key part to a Home Automation System. This is where there might be some technologies that are not provided by a Home Automation contractor that are linked in or 'Integrated' to the Smart Home.

Air Conditioning for example is always provided by a specialist contractor. But a good Home Automation contractor will work with them so that the control and some automation of the AC is integrated to the main system. It's often the Lighting Control system that may have some direct connection to it, but it will always be the Control System that operates it. This is how we remove clutter or 'wall-acne' by moving the AC keypad to a hidden area like a cupboard rather than on full display on a main wall in a high traffic zone near the Kitchen.

Other systems that are often supplied by a specialist contractor but integrated to the Home Automation System can be: Motorised Blinds, Water Features, Pool Pumps, Irrigation Systems, Roller Doors, and Motorised gates. Essentially if it works by electricity, there'll be a way to get some control of it.


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