video distribution

Video Distribution Family watching TVIt's quite common these days for a household to have more than one TV. With more than one TV we often need more than one DVD player or Pay TV STB which creates not only added expense, but also more clutter with 'Black Boxes' under each TV and cables everywhere!

Video Distribution is technology that uses centrally located sources such as DVD's and Pay TV, and makes them available on any TV in the house. Of course the goal in doing so is to not reduce the picture quality. These days we can easily achieve this; DVD's, Pay TV, Digital TV, and Media Centre's all available to multiple TV's at once and in gorgeous High-Definition. It also greatly improves the aesthetics of your home as you no longer need cabinets below every TV to store all that electronic equipment.

There are a number of ways of achieving this from inexpensive technologies like RF Modulation, which greatly effect picture and sound quality, to more sophisticated HDMI systems which deliver the best sound and picture quality available. Video distributions systems can also be stand-alone or integrated with other services in the home. Most commonly, it will be paired with a Multiroom Audio System so that you can distribute music sources as well as video sources to each of the rooms you choose.

The goal would be to also have a Control System so that one remote operates the TV, the source components from the other room, the video distrbution, and the Multiroom Audio System. This is where the power of 'Systems Integration' begins to take the stage.


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